As humans, we understand the unpleasant emotions caused by unhappiness because our skin texture does not have that desired look. And because we are always in a rush to meet our daily goal we tend to forget how to take care of our skin.

At Jordan's choice skincare, we have created products with the finest quality ingredients that will enhance all skin types to give a smooth,  radiant and youthful look. 

 We only use the best natural ingredients,  we never use ingredients that research proves are irritating,  or likely to worsen skin problems. 





Proper skincare is important because our skin is the largest barrier against infection that we have, keeping our skin healthy and moist help keep this barrier strong. This layer maintains skin's overall hydration and serves as primary defense against the environment,  so keeping it strong and healthy is critical. 


 To deliver the best and most trusted skincare products to families across the world. 


Our commitment is to create rich, smart, safe beauty products,  which means you can always rely on our products to take exceptional care of your skin. 


Shakira Jordan, a teacher with 3 kids. My journey into the world of skincare started in 2019 after a visit to a dermatologist.

 After the visit, i started a research on skincare products inorder to find a lasting solution to my struggles with dark spot, hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration. 

My findings shows that, i had been applying the wrong products on my skin at the wrong time of the day without any protection to my skin.

My research lead me to conclude that, the key to a beautiful skin is to regularly exfoliate the skin. 

   On 1st of May 2023 I lunched my retail online store, I give all glory to God from where I started from, I thank him for where I am today and to where he is taking me to. Thank you Jesus